Thursday, October 25, 2007

You might See If You Look

Sanction is near by you if you can see. When we study very basic economy, we have to learn opportunity cost first. Also, we must understand opportunity cost and deal with it unavoidably in our daily life. What is opportunity cost means? “The cost of an alternative must be forgone in order to pursue a certain action. Put another way, the benefits you could have received by taking an alternative action.” An example of opportunity cost is as follow: You have to give up your favorite movie in order to study to get good grades. The opportunity cost is the movie that has been forgone.
So, let say our issue now. Since we loose everything even born identity, we can give up anything that we hope for short-run. We had already been loose our freedom of rights. We had already been loose our family. Also, we had already been loose our friends in life. But, we did not loose those because of opportunity cost. The source of those loosing are depend on the regime so-called SPDC. So, we have to go forward for our long last fight from now to unforeseen future.
When we fight SPDC by economically, even very tiny things can be effect in the long-run. So, let start to take action for this. For example; do not go to any stage show what funding for SPDC or regarding SPDC. You can do sanction by not buying CD, DVD, or any relationship with SPDC. Do not go to the movies to give your money for SPDC. What you don’t buying asset that not giving beneficiary for SPDC will be count as sanction. In this point, you may argue with me very simply. But, opportunity cost will exist whatever you do in your life. So, think yourself what your main hope is and whether you can forgive some for the main one.

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